Craggy Gardens Vow Renewal | Asheville, North Carolina

Ahhh, the Blue Ridge Mountains. Could there be a more perfect spot for a wind swept renewal of vows? Elizabeth and Richard have been wanting to have an intimate mountain top ceremony for awhile now and we were all finally able to get out to Craggy Gardens to make it happen and I'm so glad we did! It wound up being a little chillier and a little windier than we all expected but it was so beautiful that no one minded too much. Check it out! 

Wildly Cultivated | Fayetteville, NC Floral Designer

I love florals you guys. This should come as no surprise if you've ever seen this website, I've ever given you a business card, or if you're familiar with my work in general, but I just love them. I love the colors, I love the smells, I love greenery, and I'm fascinated by the different sizes and shapes that can be made as arrangements. Unfortunately I wasn't gifted with the ability of floral design. I can do some small scale things like a flower halo, but that's about the extent of my skill. There's really quite a bit to it honestly. Green thumb aside, there's so much know-how involved from being familiar with various types of flowers/greenery to the creative ability to actually design arrangements, centerpieces, or even large scale installations that are sturdy enough to hold up on a wedding day, yet still retain a soft and romantic aesthetic. There's also a lot of color theory involved in understanding how to pair various buds and greenery colors to make one captivating bouquet. It's like magic basically.


My friend Jennifer Pate over at Wildly Cultivated is an extraordinarily talented floral designer and all around magical person. I saw her work for the first time a little over a year ago and I knew immediately how passionate she was about the craft. It just shines through in every one of her pieces. Being as floral obsessed as I am, I thought it would be fun for us to get together in her studio so I could document her process and since Valentines Day is coming up, she decided to put together the Valentines arrangement she will have for sale. We spent the morning together in her studio kitchen chatting as she arranged and I photographed in the soft glow of some window light. Watching her clip stems to size and place each flower in just the right spot was mesmerizing and I can't help but admire her seemingly effortless ability.  Here are some of my favorite shots from the morning plus a couple of bonus shots we took when we paid a little visit to Studio 215 later on.  Guys, if you are in search of a florist for your wedding (or even just to give to your girlfriend) in the Fayetteville, North Carolina area, drop a line over at  Wildly Cultivated Floral Design Studio and Flower Farm! Jennifer is amazing and will be a pleasure to work with! 

New Year | New Office

This past weekend I finally buckled down and took the time to update my office. I've been putting it off for awhile because it's a lot to think about right!? But I'm really glad I finally did it. I've been operating far too long in disorganization and general chaos but now I feel like I can breathe easy and be inspired in here! It's kind of a work in progress because I'd really like to fill in the walls with some of my work eventually, but for now, this is where it's at! If you need me, I'll be in here! Oh and that's my cat Hans, a trusted coworker. :)

Portraits of a Princess

I celebrate myself, and sing myself,
And what I assume you shall assume,
For every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you
— Walt Whitman

This Summer has been a little crazy between weddings, family in town, and moving, but I finally had a little time to shoot some personal work. You may recognize Princess as she's becoming one of my favorite subjects of late. We decided it would be fun to hang out on her Farm and do a little shooting. We got a mixture of overcast light and some break through powerful sunshine and it was just a beautiful example of the range of light you can have in a single hour and a half span. Here are my favorites and yes, that is a giant flower from Hobby Lobby. See, they do have a purpose ;)


From kittens, to ships at Harbor, to beautiful portraiture locations, Maine basically has it all and it's all really, really pretty. Here are some things I saw while I was there! In no particular order really. 

Princess of Wilmington

Guys guys guys, oh my gosh. So this past week I had the pleasure of photographing Princess in beautiful Wilmington, North Carolina. Yes, her name is Princess, isn't that cool!? I don't get to work with models nearly as much as I'd like, but when given the chance, it has always been a worthwhile experience. I've found that it's a great way to make friends most importantly, but it's also a fantastic way to build connections with individual models and/or agencies, work on the types of images that personally inspire you, and creatively explore with someone who understand and values the time and energy that goes into making impactful imagery. Overall it was a pretty successful shoot. Check out some highlights from the day! She's just a peach isn't she?

Strawberry Fields Forever

Ingrid knows all the good spots around here. She took me strawberry picking this week and I decided to snap a few, of course. Lemme tell ya, few things are more delicious than a sweet and juicy strawberry plucked straight from the plant. YUM. I love North Carolina.

Flora Asheville - A Room Alive

I had the honor of checking out Flora, a locally owned florist shop, over in Asheville, NC this week, and BOY was I not disappointed. This shop has to be the single most beautiful space I've ever been in. The moment I walked through the door I was transported to, what felt like, the middle of a fairy garden. There were flowers, vines, ferns, and hanging terrariums with moss and air plants from floor to ceiling. The very walls in this place were alive. I swear I could feel it breathing and growing. This place is definitely a must see in person, but I tried to capture as much of its unique charm as I could through my lens! If you're ever lucky enough to be in beautiful Asheville, make this place one you visit! 

Kelly + Brittany + Downtown Fayetteville

So this is Kelly! She's an adorable little stylist who enjoys curating and directing for others as well as for herself on her DIY fashion blog Saturated With Style!  She's so good at mix and matching and even makes her own clothing like the two skirts featured below! I was so excited when she wanted to meet up for a little shoot last week to show off some of her recent favorite looks. Brittany of Sunshine Makeup Artistry and Mobile Spray Tanning also came along for a few shots and even did the gorgeous makeup look below! Check it out!