Will you travel for my wedding or session?

Absolutely! I love to travel and I do actually travel for about half of my weddings. Contact me for a detailed quote on what that would entail.


How does payment and booking work?

To be considered booked with me, I need a signed contract and a 50% non refundable retainer to secure your wedding date in my calendar. The remaining balance for the wedding will be due 30 days before your wedding date. If the payment part is really stressful (trust me I get it) chat with me about it! 

It's a lot of money. I know.  If you really love my work and connect with it, I would never want to let money get in the way of our working together. I am able to offer payment plans on a specific and personal basis and sometimes depending on certain factors, I can give a discount. I can't always promise that but it's more likely to happen if you're getting married on a less popular day (Sunday, weekday), in the off season, (December-March for me), it's an elopement or very small wedding, or you have a date that's coming up quickly (within a couple of months) and I have an availability I'm looking to fill! Just broach the subject with me honestly! Remember, talking about money is only weird if you make it weird! No awkwardness with me, promise. 



Do you have a second shooter?

I do not have a second shooter that comes with my packages. I fully believe that I am capable of handling your day with as much grace and poise as Meryl Streep in any movie ever BUT if a second shooter is something you really want, I do offer that option as an add on to your package and have many fine shooters to accompany me.   


Where are you located?

Currently I am out of North Carolina but I'm about to make the move to the Nashville, TN area in February 2018. I'm Army wife status over here so my location changes every few years but don't worry, that never effect my clients. 


When can I expect my photos to be delivered?

For weddings, around 6 weeks. For regular sessions, 2-3 weeks. 


How far out do you book?

Usually 10 months to a year out. Now that doesn't mean that anything in less than 10 months time is already booked though, always inquire! 


Will you closely follow my Pinterest board inspiration for my wedding photos?

I LOVE seeing your Pinterest board. If you have one, send it my way for sure. Your board gives me a great deal of information about what personally inspires you and what you find beautiful, but I will not mirror your board for your wedding day. It's not possible to recreate everything and following a list only limits my ability to document your day as it naturally unfolds in my own creative way. I want to tell YOUR story. Not someone else's! 


Do you really love cats as much as you say you do?

Heck yes I do. I.love.cats. I have threeeeee


When I get my photos, am I allowed to post them to social media?

YES. Like, please do that. I love to see people sharing my work! When you do though, please include credit to me! And also please, pretty pretty please with cherries on top do not reedit or put a filter over your pictures! I will go and cry Disney princess style over a chair or a bed or a flight of steps somewhere. I hand edit your images with so much love and filters totally ruin the beautiful colors! 


How do you feel about elopements as opposed to bigger more traditional weddings?

I love weddings in general and I do a lot of traditionally sized weddings and even some very large weddings, but elopements are super close to my heart for a couple of reasons. 1. I get to know my couples a lot better and more intimately which I really value. 2. Instead of trekking through a timeline of the day, elopements are less structured and therefore there is more time and space to really let my creativity flow. It's just an out of the box experience. 3. Being that they are often so intimate with just a few people present, they are so emotionally charged! I think people in this situation are really focused, like zeroed in on each other, and the raw, honest emotion that happens is so beautiful and something that deeply inspires me. That said though, I love ALL the weddings that come my way but elopements are COOL AND EXTRA FUN. 


What other types of things inspire you when it comes to weddings in general?

*I love a lot of natural light. So big windows and white walls that just bounce all that light around make me SO HAPPY. I get a little giddy about windows and white walls really. I also really love shadows! I guess I should just say that I love light and shadows and contrast. What I don't love, is no light. That makes me sad. So whether you're in a bright white area getting ready or a darker room with a little bit of window light. I will find the light and shape your day around it.  

*Creative and unique couples are my FAVORITES and I love when that is incorporated into your big day. I want to see details at your wedding that are a reflection of you and your story. It's so much fun for me to capture the interesting little things that are important to you. 

* Laughter and LOVE. Pretty much, I'm inspired by you, your story, and your love. I can't get enough of the couples that can't get enough of each other. If you're madly in love, I'm madly in love too.