Here's the part where I tell you How i do what I do and why

THE HOW: I approach your wedding day full to the brim with love for the process that is artful story telling. I will unobtrusively document as your day unfurls but I'll also gently guide you when need be. I like to be a bit of a fly on the wall but I will absolutely never leave you hanging either. I like to think I'm the perfect mix of there but not TOO there. 


THE WHY: To me, there is nothing more honest or more beautiful than two people committing their lives to one another before God and before their closest friends and family. I believe in love and more specifically, I believe in your love. Years to come from now, I want my couples to have something tangible to look back on and remember. A visual history of how your story came to be. My wedding photos are some of the most important things I own for this very reason. Because of them, I will never forget what that day was like. My goal is to give the same to you. A memory to keep that might be clearer than your own in the years to come. I also have a deep desire in me to create things that are beautiful. I don't know exactly where it comes from or why it's there in me the way that it is, but my mind and my heart are always finding ways to create imagery. I want to give you not only the memories, but beautiful art of yourselves and your love to keep. A visual reminder that love is worth celebrating, believing in, remembering, and fighting for.